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The students provided are highly capable Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering students from San Diego State University. They are active participants in the Troops to Engineers Program and are actively participating in engineering projects, student councils, and leadership programs throughout the University.



Name / Resume           Employment Expectation                      Graduation                            Location                                    Highest Clearance

Josh Prosser                  Internship Opportunities                      May '23                                     San Diego                              Inactive Secret

Pedro Larios                   Internship Opportunities                      May '24                                    San Diego / SoCal             None           


Jason Riley                     Internship Opportunities                      May '24                                    San Diego                               Inactive Secret



Gabriel Rebollo            Full-time Employment                            December '22                      San Diego                             Inactive Secret

Ragen Nunez                 Internship Opportunities                      December '23                      San Diego                              Active Secret

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